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Girls asking out guys What do girls have against asking out guys? Some of the typical responses [b]i'm too shy[/b] Fair answer, but guys are just as shy as girls about these things. It almost never gets easier for us. I've seen guys in their 40s hate rejection more than being beaten up. [b]Its the guy's job[/b] Unless you're willing to play fair and stay in the kitchen all day because that's a woman's job, this is no excuse. [b]Guys will think i'm desperate[/b] If a guy likes you, no he never will. Secondly, if this IS the case with the guy, then it's because he's in the minority of guys and probably has some very weird problems with his ego... ignore guys like this anyways [b]Other girls will call me desperate[/b] This is the only fair one

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Euthyphros Dilemma Since my last thread failed to create constructive discussion (or any at all if you will), I have decided on starting another one for the sake of seeking truth value. The purpose of the thread, as subtly hinted by some replies in the previous thread, isn't to target down theism on morality but rather find the means in which our sense of morality is formed. So without further ado, "Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious, or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?" in other words Are things good because God says they are good or does God says something is good because something is good? Edit* [b]Tales and Myths[/b] As its told by Plato in his Apology, Socrates once set forth to the ancient Temple

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Please help me The ruse of intimidation by referencing authority works especially well if the other person is at a fairly low level in the company. The use of an important person's name not only overcomes normal reluctance or suspicion, but often makes the person eager to [b]please[/b]; the natural instinct of wanting to be helpful is multiplied when you think that the person you're helping is important or influential. Next he called Mod 2. When May Linn answered, he switched hats and went through the routine about being from the Office of the Inspector General, and the problem about somebody else having to use his computer. She gave him the information he was looking for, and agreed to do whatever she could when he needed [b]help[/b] in th


Nexon typo badge redemption Nexon's website says you get: Tao of Shadows Tao of Sight Tao of Harmony by [url=http://imageshack.com/a/img812/4676/anhx.png]exchanging[/url]: (2) Each - Windraider Badge, Stormbreaker Badge, Nightshadow Badge, [b]Firebrand Badge[/b] [url=http://maplestory.nexon.net/news/updates/update-notes/00Hc7/v-146-return-to-masteria-update-notes]source[/url] [b]YET[/b] What you really need is: (2) Each - Windraider Badge, Stormbreaker Badge, Nightshadow Badge, [b]Crimsom Heart[/b] PROOF= [url=http://imageshack.com/a/img203/1555/05nd.png]imageshack[/url] And yes, if you try to exchange without having the hearts in your inventory it [b]wont[/b] let you. REWARDS ARE ALSO RANDOM JUST LETTING YOU ALL KNOW, K THX FOR READING

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Free will - David Deutsch Lets all cherish our free will! Appearances are deceptive. Yet we have a great deal of knowledge about the vast and unfamiliar reality that causes them, and of the elegant, universal laws that govern that reality. This knowledge consists of explanations: assertions about what is out there beyond the appearances, and how it behaves. For most of the history of our species, we had almost no success in creating such knowledge where does it come from? The real source of our theories is conjecture, and the real source of our knowledge is conjecture alternating with criticism. We create theories by rearranging, combining, altering and adding to existing ideas with the intention of improving upon them. The role of experime

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