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help why is my maplestory so small help I have a macbook pro retina so the pixels are tiny as hell when on windows 7 i change the dpi to about 180%, custom scale thing, so that everything isn't so small i recently upgraded to windows 10, and i installed the new bootcamp drivers so that my f1-12 buttons would work last night (i hadnt changed any settings) my laptop went black, came back on, and my maplestory was now super tiny i tried changing the dpi to 200, then 175, then back to 100, but maplestory still remains small (at 100% dpi settings) how to fix help

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message for basilmarket from louis ck this is important guys [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcZFr3lHXh0]read text below first[/url] skip to 1:35, and watch only until 2:12 [b][i]i have explicitly instructed you all to ONLY watch between 1:35 to 2:12 and if you watch anything before or after that i am in no way culpable.[/i][/b] [b][i]the responsibility rests upon you, the viewer and reader, for neglecting to read this important bolded and italicized text. i am not obligated to do anything further[/i][/b] [b][i]i will not be held responsible for anything you see besides the part i have chosen for you to watch[/i][/b] now that i've said that, i won't be suspended for no reason at all. the mods arent that cruel and unusual. ...right guys

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