Who has the best Link Skills? I don't have anymore character slots left, and my Hayato is kinda boring me? So I'm thinking about deleting him to make a new character, but I'm wondering if there's any other class who has a better link skill? My roster is as follows: Evan - Not Deleting Shadower - Not Battle Mage - Not Wind Archer -Not Kanna - If someone has better link Hayato - If someone has better link Mercedes - In future is someone has a better link (Hayato goes first) Demon Slayer - If someone has better link Thanks. ^_^


What class do you specialize in? By that I mean, what kind of class do you find yourself drawn towards/playing more? Thieves, Bowmen, Warrior, Pirates, or Mages? I've always been a mage kind of guy. Back in pre-bb I mained a Cleric, and when Evans came out I mained him. I'm also looking forward to the new Blaze Wizard in KMS. And I might switch mains to a Battlemage (level 95). I used to dislike warriors a lot (adventurer warriors were pretty boring), however Kaiser and Hayato were/are good fun. (Don't play my Kaiser anymore, got to 15x though) The only bowman I have is a Cygnus which is 101 and I'll keep her around just to experience the new Wind Archer update when it comes. I don't have any high level thieves, or pirates sadly. Though I'm

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Help with biology lab questions? I've googled and googled and googled but I can't seem to find an answer, if anyone has one...let me know. Haha. 6. As blood flows over a human brachial muscle capillary bed name five solutes which could exit the capillaries and enter the interstitial spaces. 7. As blood flows over a human brachial muscle capillary bed name five solutes which could exit the interstitial spaces and enter the capillaries. For number six, I put sugars, salts, fatty acids, amino acids, and coenzymes. Not sure if that's correct. If it is, is the answer the same for number seven? (I would assume, but hell if I know..) Thanks for the help!


ElNido vs Bera? I'm really not sure where to play. :/ I have almost similar amounts of money in each world (25mil woot woot :/) I have a high level in each world. 138 vs 156. The thing is, is that some people from my school play in Nido and like two of my actual friends play there too. (Not that often though?) And honestly, they're all not even on that much, and even when they are on it's not really any different than any other mapler, y'know? And besides them, Nido feels so lonely...>_> On the other hand Bera is like pretty crowded? I like the fact that I can train almost anywhere in Nido at anytime. But then, despite the crowding, I do like the fact that I'd be able to find friends (theoretically) pretty quickly. And unlike Nido, li

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