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Hyper skill build Sorry the last post was posted incomplete (Ignore it) Hello my dear arans. I want to share this hyper skill build to guide others arans and also to discuss it and how it can be improved. The next info is taken from orange mushroom page: [i]There are three types of Hyper Skills. The first is stat enhancing passives (S), there are 13 of these and are common for all jobs. The second is skill enhancing passives (P), there are 9 of these, separated into 3 enhancing skills for 3 skills. Finally, there are the attack/buff actives (A), of which there are 3. One attacking skill and two buffs.[/i] [i]To get SP for your Hyper Skills, all you have to do is level up! Every 10 levels from 140 to 200, you'll get specific SP for each of y

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Getting 30 more dex Hi guys, sry for ask this but i really need help. Now i have 100 dex: 4 base 71 from equips 15 from cannon buff When the revamp comes and we get physical training i will have 30 more dex to reach 130. I need 30 more to use my agares PA but idk where i can get it. I dont know if i should scroll my top/bot or shoes since only have 3% str (4% on sneakers) and i want to replace them soon. maybe i gonna replace my MoN with a rising sun pendant to get 11 more dex but anyways i gonna need more and i dont want to depend on potencial so i can use my weapon inside pvp. Any ideas :/? tyvm

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DC before an hour Hello Basil, i got a problem with my account. Im just trying to be looged for an hr for the maple points event, but everytime im like 10 mins close to reach the hr i got dc. The first time i was lagging badly and then my laptop just dc from my wi fi internet. Then, in the second try it just dcd me from ms and from the ms page (even when i had it open). Theres is something i can do to solve this =/? some1 is trying to dc me or something? TY for your time =)

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