Angel Ray 10 for Big Bang 20

I just made bishop last night. I was wondering if anyone had an Angel Ray 10(the one that teaches angel ray) just laying around and can't sell it. If someone does, would you like to trade it to me for a Big Bang 20? Both hard to get, both major bishop skills, both worth a lot. I think that's a pretty fair trade.

April 27, 2012

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[quote=AirshipSlice]I would go zak'ing, but i cant stand the pre-quests and im not one for parties>.>[/quote]

It's really not that hard to do the prequests xD Plus, find someone that's willing to take you, since you're a bish xD
many ppl in nath ch 1 are looking for peeps Just get it over with, plus no one wants AR anyway XD

Reply May 5, 2012

Big Bang 20 is no where near as much as AR 10. AR 10 is extremely high in demand, and worth a LOT more because it must be SoK'd. Just go Zak for it, it really isn't that difficult. (Although I will agree with you that the Jump-quest is absolutely dreadful.)

Also, to SR vs. BB argument, SR certainly takes the cake. a) MUCH faster. b) No charge-time. c) Stun, anyone? Big Bang may have a slightly larger DPM output, but its honestly not worth dealing with. SR is so much easier to execute and attack with. Its just so much more worth it. Try fighting Zakum using ONLY Big Bang as an attack. Then try it with Shining Ray. Even just imagine it, and then tell me which was easier. However, in the end, Angel Ray destroys both, in mobility, speed, and damage.

Anyways, I'll take you on a run if you need a party. I fight Zakum at least once a week with a few friends. Just PM me.

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well,ive been playing for 6 years.and i have successfully made a solo bishop,as has my bro who recently reached 200,about 90%,bishops can be solo classes.

Reply April 30, 2012

[quote=AirshipSlice]I would go zak'ing, but i cant stand the pre-quests and im not one for parties>.>[/quote]

If you're not one for parties....why'd you make a bishop? It's not exactly a solo class. Also, you're probably going to zak in the future, so why not just get it over and done with now and get AR10 while you're at it?

Reply April 30, 2012

Id trade obsidien skin 30,ancient warding 20,and Advance Final Attack 20 for aran just for ar 10.Lolwut are you saying?
(i have them too,went on a 21mmb run.)

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wait wait wait. Big Bang 20 is hard to get, is a major bishop skill, and is worth a lot? what now? I find it hard to believe any one of those three statements

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sadly mastery books arent always priced on how valuble the skill is

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if you can get nx lots of people will give it to you for free (assuming you pay for the scissor)

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I would go zak'ing, but i cant stand the pre-quests and im not one for parties>.>

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[quote=MeiGuiHua]Big Bang is a lot better than Shining Ray[/quote]

I personally like sr more because...
It stuns
Its faster
Its at a set rate instead of charging

And why get bb when u can get ar which is more powerful
atm I use ar so often and sr for special cases (such as zak arms or to mass stun)
I only use bb if im jumping off platforms (aka I charge it as I fall down)

Im actually considering to use the remaining 14 sp in 4th job on my spell booster because I dont use bigbang much and I use spell booster more
(my 3rd job left booster at lvl 11 so I can max everything else)

And ar is 10 is easy to get
Do ur zak pre quests
Ask buddies, guildies, alliences, ppls to help
And loot the ar10 xD

(if ur in bera just contact me and I can help u get zhelms, ar10, mons, targa/scar helms for free

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Big Bang is a lot better than Shining Ray

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Just do zak for AR. And BB isn't worth much/not that great.

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But big bang is already there in your skill book

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what @FlamestoDust: said
besides, a SOK'd AR would worth at least 150mil while BB 20 is wayyyyy under 20mil
majority of the bishops won't really use BB until higher levels/ high range or frequent PvPers

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