Horntail Bug Fix Currently, many of you have experienced the Horntail entry glitch: you press to enter and the game denies it and counts it as an entry. I have discovered the reason why (Thanks to LPhantomH and their mules for confirming my suspicion). THIS ONLY OCCURS WHEN SOMEONE ELSE IS INSIDE FIGHTING HORNTAIL ON THAT SPECIFIC CHANNEL. To avoid the glitch, GO DO HORNTAIL ON AN EMPTY CHANNEL. Also remember to change channels or wait after you finish because it counts as if you are still inside for a bit.


Spring Bunny Coin Glitch As many of you know, there is currently a glitch with the Spring Bunny Coins. You probably noticed that you opened around 500 boxes or more and didn't receive a single coin. This is because of a bug. Apparently, opening that pouch you get from the Spring Bunny Minigames, will prevent your character from receiving coins for the rest of that day if you get a coin from that pouch. Some people in the thread tested this and it seems to be a possible cause for the glitch. If you are going to get farm Spring Bunny Coins, DO NOT OPEN THE MINIGAME REWARD POUCHES. They will lock your character from receiving coins for the rest of the day (from the boxes that mobs drop). Have a good day


Mad Easter Bunny Event - Primes or no Primes Well there has been some controversy between me and my friends, maybe even many other players, on whether or not the Mad Easter Bunny quest really has a chance to give primes. Requirements to complete the quest are 10 Red Easter eggs, 100 Squishy slimes, and 100 branches. Is it worth the time? Do you really have a chance for a prime? Patch says: "Crack it open to receive a random item such as bunny-themed mounts and chairs (including the new Easter Egg Nest Chair), Moon Bunny rings, 9th Anniversary Prime Scrolls, the new Lady Moon Bunny Totem, and more!" Update notes say: "9th Anniversary Scroll for Armor/ Accessory / One-Handed Weapon / Two-Handed Weapon" So what happened? Wh

General Quests

Friend Story Hidden Quests Guide To all those who will re do Friend Story for the hidden quests, here is what you do for each chapter: First Chapter: After the troublemaker spawns, Just go all the way to the right to [url=]this spot[/url] and enter the portal Reward: Big Moment Title, +5 all stats. 2 week duration. Second chapter: Get the letter from [url=]this location[/url]. You can speak to Irena about it after Francis tells you how he fell in love with Orchid. Reward: Cheese and Corn Title, +140 Def/MDef. 2 week duration. Third Chapter: Find the three couples. [url=,EVwEV7g,C9J7H7o]All three locations[/url] Reward: No Dating Allowed Title, +1 ATT. 2 week durat

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