How do you play a ranger

Returning player from the good old days. Just made ranger and have no idea how to play well.

Is arrow bomb better than the fire storm move? What are you supposed to do once you set up your arrow firing thing?

Haven't seen any good videos/guides on how to actually use skills effectively!


August 27, 2017

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^ now theres a name you dont see on here everyday..

Reply August 30, 2017

Obviously, you need to learn how to kite first. Get flash and Heal and buy a lot of damage.

Reply August 29, 2017

@ecarina: oh wow, always thought that was a passive skill since it never works

Reply August 28, 2017

@leopard16: The turret was introduced in 2013, y'know in case that's genuine confusion and not sarcasm.
It's called Arrow Blaster, or Arrow Platter in kms

Reply August 28, 2017

turret? whats that, a new skill for bm?

Reply August 28, 2017

Set up the turret to control a platform on a map, use flame surge cause it does more damage. Instantly remove flame surge from your keys when you hit 4th job.

Reply August 27, 2017