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5th job bowmaster problem? Am I the only one who thinks bm's will be severely outclassed for 5th job? Our 5th job skills are one of the shorter end of the straw and the main problem lies with hurricane. Split hurricane is like what? 235% damage? Even with max enhancements on hurricane, platter, and whatnot we'll only be at like 335% damage for split hurricane. As of right now, it probably takes like 25k dex, 250% boss and like 70% atk to cap on bosses (idk just an estimate) while most classes are capping at like 18k stats. With the removal of damage cap, some of us (i'm assuming the average damage is 25m / line on bosses) will barely hit previous cap of 50m. But idk, I could be completely wrong. I just feel like bm's will be one of the weak

General Bowmaster

bm questions 1) What is the starting amount of %min crit on a bm? 2) What is the starting amount of %stat resist on a bm? 3) Do bms need %min crit? I.e. should I replace my 10% min crit slyph ring with a 21% dex cracked ring? 4) What is a good inner I should look out for (legendary)? 5) This goes back to question 3; what pot and stars will a tyrant glove need to surpass top 3 / #1 job dojo gloves? 6) How much do you hit per line on hurricane on cra (not vel)? Post your range, %stat, %boss, %pdr and %atk.

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Ankles healing during ball i was playing ball 2 days ago. i jumped and landed on my left foot while it was everted, and had a ankle sprain as a result. I immediately couldnt bend my knees by lowering myself, or land after a jump. When I got home, i iced it for like 20 mins, then i kinda left it on it overnight while it was elevated on a pillow. The next day was pretty much the same pain, no real progression on the healing. But today, it got better; however i couldnt lower myself (when you shoot a ball). I had to cancel on my friends because of this, but they showed up at my house anyway lol, so what the hell, i went. During the games, i played like i normally did (jump blocks, layups, jump shots, crossovers) and i did not feel any pain. My

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