Can adventurers still get KoC skills? I can't find much information as to whether adventurers can get the KoC skills (Eckhart's Vampire for example) and if so, can Cannonners and Dual Bladers gain them? [b]EDIT:[/b] It has been confirmed that Dual Bladers can get the Empress's Might [Thief] skill to be able to get Eckhart's Vampire Skill, however the issue of Cannoneers not being able to access Empress's Might [Pirate] has been confirmed by Nexon Staff [b][quote=SanLong]I have verified and thrown in the Cannoneer issue into the bug pile.[/quote][/b]


Character Card Help So I Have 19 Characters, 18 have "S" Grade cards and one has "SS". I want to know the best way to maximize the usage of my character cards and the sets. [b]Warrior[/b] Demon Slayer = +3% Abnormal Status Resistance Demon Avenger = +3% Boss Damage Hayato = +6% Critical Kaiser = +40 STR Mihile = 4% Weapon DEF Zero = Increases EXP obtained by 8% [b]Bowman[/b] Mercedes = -4% Skill Cooldown [b]Pirates[/b] Angelic Buster = +40 DEX Jett = +8% Summon Creatures Duration Cannon Master = -4% Death EXP lost Thunder Breaker = 4 additional damage per character level Xenon = +20 all stats [Can be used for either Pirate or Thief] Shade = Minimum Critical rate +3%, Maximum Critical rate +3% [b]Magician[/b] Evan = 70% c

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Issue with Basilmarket Hey Guys, I am having an issue where I can't update my Xenon and Thunder breaker into their respective classes ( ) and this has been ongoing since the release of the Xenon class, however when I update my phantom, I can clearly see Xenon and Thunder Breaker selection tabs. Could a moderator help me with this issue? I Wasn't sure where to post issues for Basilmarket so I posted under general (For future references, is it under Chat Island -> Site talk?) Thanks in Advance!

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