Inner potential question

I got +30 atk on my first line. I always here you can only get 1 line of legendary potential. Does that mean I can still get boss % and crit % on the 2nd and third line with unique limits? For example +30 atk, 10% boss, 10% crit.

I just need to figure out if its still worth it to keep resetting lines while locking in my first line.

December 24, 2015

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Only people who already had a legendary line before the inner ability revamp can have [url=]2 legendary lines[/url]. Buff duration, Crit, or boss damage might be the best if your a bowmaster.

Reply December 24, 2015

You're half right. You can't get a legendary and two unique lines. You can get a legendary, unique, and epic/rare.

Reply December 24, 2015

I'm pretty sure you can't get upper tier Legendary IA lines when you already have one, even if the percentages are minuscule because they're still considered a part of the upper echelon.

The entire system is convoluted but this is what I've heard over the years.

Reply December 24, 2015

@terrorface: Guess ile save up to reroll a bunch of times. Although hurricane isnt affected by +1 atk speed. Can I get an answer for my question though?

Reply December 24, 2015

You get a good ATK boost from your Reboot buff to make up for it. Plus Enhancements! ^^

+30 ATK will help, but I agree with above that +30 is in the lower end of what you can get out of Legendary Tier.

Reply December 24, 2015

30+atk is good for me since I dont boss that much and its harder to get atk in reboot. No scrolling/etc.

Reply December 24, 2015

If you have a legendary IA, I don't think you should settle for just 30 att.
Look for the %boss or +1 Att speed.

Reply December 24, 2015