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Returning player looking for friends or guild? Reboot Hello returning after many years of on/off playing. I started off brand new in reboot. Since all my characters have been deleted. I will be playing multiple times a week but highly unlikely I will be on daily. So if its some super strict guild with crazy level requirements and commitments I cant join. Currently level 77 and have had decently steady progression. If interested post your ign or pm me? I would be interested in starting off new characters and building them up together. Since I need to work on a bunch of link characters anyway.


Soul weapon question! So I have a zakum soul on my weapon. It gives me +20 atk when it is fully charged and has 1000 souls or w.e. Anyways I am wondering if I have to do the activation to get that affect? It gives me a combo of down,down,up,up, atk. Not sure what it does. Is the +20 atk passive and permanent? It doesnt seem like it is getting +20 atk at all because I compared it to another weapon with similar atk (with the 20 atk boost) and my range was MUCH lower with the soul weapon. The weapons description says hot totem drop will be available when you recharge your soul. What does that mean and what does that do? I am sorry for all the questions I have never had a soul weapon before. Edit* oh yea if I unequip the weapon and re-equip it

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