quotKing Koboldquot - Beast Tamer Quest?

At first I wasn't going to try Beast Tamer because I thought it looked childish, but I ended up making one anyway.
So there's this one quest that's basically required to leave the Beast Tamer starter island - you beat this boss called "King Kobold".
I've tried several times to beat this guy and it seems impossible - one hit from him and I'm at 2 hp.
I've been following the storyline closely so I'm not sure why it's so hard to beat him? I should be at the level intended for this quest?
Currently planning on leveling until I'm strong enough..

Did Nexon forget to nerf this guy or what

July 12, 2015

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Just follow what AquaNovus said. I tried it recently and it worked.

Reply July 15, 2015

What I did was use bear, drop majestic trumpet, FJ over him when he gets too close, and just let the fire burn him down

Reply July 13, 2015 - edited

I didn't find him difficult as I just used Leopard's basic attack, backed away, and repeated. He didn't even attack me surprisingly.

Reply July 12, 2015 - edited

never had trouble defeating him. i used leopard, so i could attack and quickly dodge him.

Reply July 12, 2015 - edited

Just dodge his attacks and use Fort.

Reply July 12, 2015 - edited