Nexon scammed us?

So during the thanksgiving week, we were told that if we spend X amount of nx, that we would be receiving gifts. Something along the lines of random dmg skin, random tyrant, and random fafnir weapon. These gifts were supposed to be passed out with the Reboot patch. Well we have since had reboot patch, as well as 2 other maintenance's... So whats the deal.... Did nexon just bribe us with lies or what?

December 4, 2015

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Anyone know if the Tyrant box is class based or just random?

Reply December 5, 2015

chill, i'm waitin for mine too

Reply December 4, 2015

dude chill, everyone here talking about these rewards should chill.
it seems as none of u know nexon or have played enough (or have horrible memory)
nexon normally gives this things some weeks after, they even said it would be in couple weeks iirc.
im pretty sure it will be given after next weeks SCHEDULED maintenance.

Reply December 4, 2015

obvious scam is obvious. why would nexon focus on fixing bugs and exploits over getting people rewards boxes?

Reply December 4, 2015

They did say a future maintenance.

Reply December 4, 2015

And the maintenances are probably unscheduled bugfixes anyways. They weren't planning on having them.

Reply December 4, 2015

reboot isnt just one patch, in about 2 weeks there will be another update, maybe then you get your boxes

Reply December 4, 2015

With all of the stuff going on lately your gifts are on the bottom of their priority list.

Reply December 4, 2015

They only specified "future maintenance". That doesn't mean IMMEDIATE future.

Reply December 4, 2015