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In the past 2 weeks i have finally gone beyond 2-2m. I have a good guesstimate of what my range is but im not for sure. I know there is a mathematical equation to get me the answers im looking for. Can someone provide me with this info please. Thank you.

November 20, 2015

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this will be your new friend

Reply November 22, 2015

@vaseline: Soul damage is not an accurate representation of your true range at very high ranges, due to the fact that it's heavily dependent on your weapon multiplier. My NW with 22k Luk was doing about 105ms on Magnificent Magnus (1500%) however my Phantom with 24k Luk and better Tyrants / more %atk only does about 80m with the same soul.

Formula for Max Range : {Weapon Multiplier * [(4 * Primary Stat) + Secondary Stat] * [(Attack/100) * (1+Atk%)]} * (1 + TotalDmg%)

You'll have to add up all sources of att on your own, wep multipliers can be found through google.

Reply November 21, 2015

There are most of the formulas you should need, although the Demon Avenger formula is incorrect. However, there are easier ways than doing all that math.

DoTs (like Toxic Vennom or the burn from Sudden Raid) and most summons (like Cygnus) are not affected at all by total damage, boss damage, PDR, critical damage, etc, and always do max damage. In other words, they use your true max range to calculate their damage, and ignore everything else (TBH, I'm not sure if it ignores elemental resistances as well), although keep in mind that in the stat window, total damage is already factored in, so don't be surprised if your 'true range' is actually smaller than 2m~2m.

A non-magnificent Cygnus soul is the easier way to test since she does 1000% damage, so divide whatever damage she does by 10 and that's you true max range (your min range is your max times your mastery), otherwise you can use Toxic Venon and divide the damage by 1.6 (or multiply it by 0.625)

Reply November 21, 2015

I don't know about mathematical equation, but I've heard that soul's gives the most accurate range for minimum ^^
so if cygnus is 1000% and cygnus attacks at ~40m, you'd have ~4m range minimum

Reply November 21, 2015