Steam Summer Sale

I was shocked at the deals today! I was thinking of buying Shogun 2 for 8 bucks and maybe the xpacs too. Does anyone have this game? How is it and is it worth it?

Anyways check it out! crazy deals, different ones each day.

July 12, 2012

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[quote=naruto993]I have this game and it is by far one of my fav titles from the Total War series (Next to Rome Total War). The campaign can be challenging and has a good replay value. The custom battles are always fun to mess around with--remaking the Last Samurai final battle scene is quite entertaining. Anyway, if your a fan of strategy games, this game is a must.[/quote]
How is the multiplayer? Should I get the xpac, Fall of the Samurai for $14.99 since it's standalone or the original for $4.99?

Reply July 13, 2012

[quote=bojl]i was hoping that arma II and rayman origins would go down lower [/quote]

If you're lucky they will go lower during a daily deal. A good strategy people use during the sale is to write down what games you want and wait until the very last day. That way you might be able to grab it cheap if it goes on a daily deal or you can buy/not buy it on the last day since they will still be on sale then.

Reply July 13, 2012

[quote=TheOkatos]whoa portal 2 is only $4.99[/quote]

yeah cant wait for tomorrows deals

Reply July 13, 2012

I hate it when the prices go €=$
One euro is more valuable than a dollar!
Europeans, we're officially being ripped off.

Reply July 12, 2012

The sales are amazing.

Reply July 12, 2012

[quote=SirGawain]I haven't seen Shogun 2 but i really want Legend of Grimrock, only 5 dollars, but I'm a poor guy so I won't be getting it.[/quote]

I have someone who plays it and immensely enjoys it but I played it for a bit and i thought it was tedious. not my cup of tea for sure, but it's really interesting.

Reply July 12, 2012