Is the new ME clunky for you?

So with the most recent patch update, ME now has a much quicker cast time. In addition, you'll only be able to drop 15 mesos max with pickpocket. The idea of this is to weave in ME between your skills (BS or Assassinate). But when I tried to do it, it seems difficult to weave ME between skills because if I try to do it quickly, I'll end up casting ME twice in a row. If I try to do it slowly, I'm losing out on damage because my BS or Assassinate would then be slower. Do you guys feel the same? Should I just practice more to get more accustomed to the timing of the skills? You can't macro ME to BS/Assassinate either, so that option is out the window.

October 20, 2016

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@lamato: Hey, I have excellent ping I'm guessing since I can use meso explosion almost without delay (I live in California where the servers are at). There is a little bit when using second part of assassinate, but little to none when using boomerang/midnight carnival which is what I typically use. I am actually able to press meso explosion with midnight carnival. It IS indeed slower than spamming midnight carnival, but it's at the point where it's 100% worth it for me to take the very slight delay.

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It just doesn't feel right. I've watched tons of KMS videos and most of them are able to continuously string multiple Assassinates together while also spamming ME without any pauses in between. I understand that ping may be a factor but multiple Shadowers I've spoken to have also noticed the exact same issues. This is leading me to believe that our ME is not functioning the same way as KMS's. It really hurts our DPS when we have to sacrifice a potential hit of Assassinate just to cast ME. If you cast ME first, you'll notice there's a small delay before you can attack with a different skill afterwards. I thought the skill was supposed to have no delay?

The best I can do with it now is only use ME at the exact time of the first hit of Assassinate then quickly go back to mashing Assassinate so I don't pause in between attacks. If I try to use ME after the second hit of Assassinate, it almost always results in a horrid pause in attack and really ruins the flow of the revamped skills (and DPS).

Perhaps this is how the skill worked all along and I'm just delusional, but it just doesn't feel fluid - it wasn't what I was expecting. I'm just assuming it's really just an issue with how GMS servers are compared to KMS + ping in the mean time. Maybe even the fact that GMS Shadowers can exceed the speed cap (0) unlike KMS Shadowers may also be a contributing factor instated by the GMS team(?) to maintain some sort of balance?

I would at least want to hear how Shadowers who have excellent ping/live near the servers are dealing with this.

I hope the Shadower community makes this known so we can at least have some confirmation on if this is intentional or not.

Edit: Here's a video that showcases how it SHOULD work:

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I usually tap Meso Explosion during other skills' animation. Seems to work really well for me, dood.

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