Friend Safari Ditto?

Pretty much the title. Looking for a friend safari ditto so i can get a nice Imposter one. Maybe even a trade if you have a spare with a max HP iv
My FC is 4914-6223-2057 :Fighting-> Machoke, Throh, Riolu
Other 3ds is 1650-3305-9737 :Ground-> Phanphy, Dugtrio, Diggersby
Thanks in advance <3

July 13, 2015

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Lol okay I guess ? I'm not kidding though ... Nobody really plays x/y anymore xP. Here's my piece of advice: Go to reditt forums and you can get a 6iv ditto for free.

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Thanks for your help buddy. I was a little late to jump onto the Pokemon Y bandwagon. Got my first 3ds last year and I bought Omega Ruby before Y. But yeah you've been a great help. K thx bye

Forgot i couldn't just lock/delete a thread anymore. Can someone hook me up?

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Nobody plays this game anymore. I've already gotten control of all 649 shiny pokemon. I have 10 flawless iv dittos of all natures. It's called getting in on an exploit and then quilting because of boredom.

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