Super Weak Bandit

Edit: I think I've got this mostly figured out, but leaving this here for weapon recs.

I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious here, having not played in a while and usually playing one of new "fancy" classes. But it's pathetic how long it takes to kill enemies 10+ levels under me. Maybe there's one specific weapon I should be using? I'm using a Sai right now which isn't anything fancy but I've used similar weapons on other classes with no issues. I mainly use Dagger Booster and MesoGuard for skills, and I've followed a guide for allocation.

January 29, 2017

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u don't need a lot of dmg if you can lure the monsters with one-hit per monster across the page and let them walk or fly themselves into a corner where you tank them with a skill you either hold down or press rapidly all at once. You should keep the gears that add alot of hp in ur inventory because you'll want to have less damage to lure monsters and nightghosts is the easiest way to lvl from lvl 130-160 on your chief bandit, so i suggest you just use hp gear there instead of damage because you need to use a skill that hits 8 enemies and lure them by hitting each monster with it once and let them go to the left of the page where you can see the drops that they give you. I'm using a +8 att and minus 15 percent defense of the monster, which is more weapon att, potential on a kandine lvl 70 dagger i found from a rune of riches at taurospears, so try hunting for rune of riches, and i used a shinkita with att percent potential or luk potential and my geta lvl 60 deadly fin was 2 percent luk and 4 extra luk potential that i found myself, i just played at 2x drop 2x exp times to find them at, i grinded at drakes before going to blowfishes the purple blowfish map that you can be weak and lure all the monsters to one side of the level plane they are floating on and tank them all at once until they all die. I found a lvl 80 dragon's tail at triple rumo that has 8 att and 5 dex on the potential for avoidibility, it's clean if you want to buy it from me for some mesos since my kandine has enough power that i don't need the lvl 80 dagger if you're still looking for your mid-third job weapons if you were in bera but ur in re. That's the advice I can give you, search for your gears during 2x drop hours during the nighttime, is when nexon usually gives 2x.

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