quotFinal Damagequot Modifier in Stats

Is it normal to have 0% final damage as a level 207 Wild Hunter? My friends seem to all have ones varying from 50%~200%.

December 22, 2016

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@kaxi: Also only some classes have buffs or passives that give final damage like mages, dual blade, phantom, drk, etc. Cross surge's description would be something like "improves final damage by 80%". The skill descriptions enunciate on whether its actually final damage or just regular ol damage%. Final damage is the best modifier to damage but also the rarest, aside from cores there is no way to attain final damage anywhere else. Cores, I believe, only give your attack skills final damage bonuses but not final damage buffs so yeah.. Either your class has final damage passives or buffs or they don't. Not everyone gets those broken multipliers and for a good reason (since those classes are pretty weak dps wise without those final damage modifiers)

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@kaxi: Best way to get final damage is from 5th job tricores. Lv 50 gives +100% final damage or more depending on the skill.

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@ieatrice08: how would I get final damage? I thought final damage was referring to the final attack skill that I have, lol.

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Final damage multiplies directly into your display numbers. There are no diminishing returns to final damage and final damage multiplies every stat including other final damage sources. Damage % aka Total damage multiplies every other stat except other total damage AND boss damage sources. They are additive in this case. This means the more boss% you have or more damage% you have the less bonus you will gain from damage% or boss damage%. In lower levels of funding, the difference is negligible, but in higher levels of funding, the difference is huge in terms of scaling (20% final damage beats a bonus of 40% total damage by a good amount). If I have 40% total damage and 80% boss damage, it becomes 120% overall damage (2.2x multiplier to other sources of damage). If I have 40% final damage and 80%final damage, I will have 152% overall final damage (2.52x multiplier) instead of 120% (2.2x multiplier) since final damage is multiplicative to all sources including other final damage and is not additive unlike damage%. It would not only have a higher multiplicative value (2.52x > 2.2x) but because it multiplies with everything, it will have a constant multiplier whereas total damage begins to scale off the more damage% or boss% you acquire, which results in a bigger decrease the higher up in the funding tier you go up.

TLDR: Final Damage is better than damage% in every possible way. Whereas you can have too much total damage due to diminishing returns, you will can never have too much final damage% because its multiplicative to everything

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Each final damage source is multiplicative with itself and with %damage and does not suffer from diminishing return no matter how high or how much different sources that give %final damage you get.
Where as %damage suffer from diminishing return due to it stacking additively with %boss and itself.
Weapon multiplier * (primary * 4 + secondary stat) * (att/100) * (1 + %damage + %damage vs boss) * (1 + %final damage source 1) * (1 + %final damage source 2) * (1 + %final damage source 3) * (1 + %final damage source 4) * ...

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@deadangel13: I'm gonna have to guess that the bonus damage stat comes from the amount of +all damage % from your potentials, character cards, link skills, inner abilities, and hyper skills.

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I also have 0% on final damage, but anyone knows the difference between final damage and bonus damage? because the second one gives me 103%

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It depends on the class really, some classes have higher final DMG in their skills whole other have none or not much.
I don't know all the skill of WH but yea having 0& final DMG is normal.
As a BaM, I have 0% final DMG as well and it only goes up to 10% while I boss with debuff aura.
It is a bit staggering when I hear my friends say they have 80%+ final DMG cuz I'm just sitting here with 0% , I don't really mind it TBH.

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Yeah I have 0% as well~

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