when exclusively mobbing

is cra set still the best or would absolab or sweevvater trump them

i'm not interested in resale value

July 18, 2015

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Technically the best set in teh game is 15 star tyrants transposed to SW gear and then using the entire set effect along with sup gollux. But if you can afford 15 star tyrants you don't need to transpose to hit cap so why would you?

Reply July 18, 2015

All 3 sets have very similar set effects. The big difference between them is you can use Tyrant equips with CRA and you can't with the other ones.

Granted, you can use that one thing that transfer stats from Tyrants to SW. Though that makes the tyrants untradeable, which very few people are willing to do on high-value tyrants. It also removes the superior quality, meaning if you transpose a 7-star tyrant, you'll never be able to get the benefits of the 8-15th star.

So to answer your question, CRA is the best. If you don't plan on ever getting Tyrants, then you could argue SW is better. Absolabs is a terrible choice because of how difficult it is to obtain.

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