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Any NL clear dojo yet? Yesterday was the first time I tried the dojo since the revamp, well really the first time I did the dojo ever since they went to only giving out 3 gloves per class months ago. Couldn't even kill Arkarium :( When I checked the rankings, there weren't any NL who had managed to clear the dojo. IDK if its just Windia, or I just checked too early in the week, but can any NL here still clear dojo, and if you can what are some tricks you have for the new dojo?


P/c on some perm Nx in Windia This is everything that I am willing to sell atm Earmuffs and Pom Pom beanie Starry Pink beanie Flower Dance Food Escape - x2 Moon and Sun cape Rabbit-Bear Slippers Amber Musical Note Coin Sword Hula Deather Decoration Thermidor Aerial Elven Spirit Band (Male) Sapphire Musical Note Blue Ribbon Hairband - x2 Prismatic Sun Cap Blue Smieley Tee Yellow Flower Headwrap - x2 Summer Hat Lime Green Sun Cap Sailor Hat Twinkle Sparkle Mermaid Shell I also have a 25%boss neb that I will consider selling for the right price. Prices inflated during Marvel though, so not too sure what it is really worth


Is there a reason to logon anymore? First off, I am so bored with this anniversary. I haven't done one single thing in it because nothing interests me, so please no one say "Logon 4 da anniversary!" Anyway, I haven't actually played Maplestory in weeks. I have logged on enough to not get kicked out of my guild, but I never end up doing anything except saying hi and then going afk. Maplestory is just no longer fun to me. I can solo all bosses hard gollux/normal magnus and easier, but its so boring. I honestly don't know what to do anymore in this game. Any ideas? Or should I just leave all of the progress I have put into my account throughout the years?


Nl upgrading gear I currently have a 320k clean range and trying to upgrade my gear. I know that I need to upgrade some of my rings and my boots. Currently I use 6%luk lvl 80 boots, 12%luk reinforced gollux ring, pivotal adventurer ring (15% crit rate and 5%min crit), kanna's treasure (3% total damage), and the sylph ring. I can replace the pivotal adventurer ring with phantoms link skill, so that's the first ring I will replace. As for my actual questions... Should I go for a superior ring next, as it will have the biggest boost to my range? Or should I save money and buy a cheaper ring like a perfected solid ring? Can a silver blossom ring replace a cracked gollux ring? it has the same base att and same slots, so chaosing it can make it b

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