Nebulite questions, please help

Hi, I just have a few questions about Nebulites and their functions.
So today, I put a nebulite that had a chance to blind enemies at a rate of 10%. I placed it in a 1h sword for my Mihile (to take advantage
of their skill 'righteous indignation') However, it doesn't ever seem to activate..

Is it just me? Or does the chance to blind only activate when I use a normal attack? OR are nebulites glitched up?
Thank you in advance

September 10, 2012

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4-point assasult only hits ONE monster, so it will take me too long to blind the entire mob. I am using the strongest possible sword (level 140 one)
Bossing-wise I'm fine but I need to take normal training into consideration also. (LHC/SH) The mobs have enough hp for me to actually have a good use
for blind. Not only that but cost-wise, the darkness nebulite WOULD'VE (if it actually worked) been the most effective, that 20% crit/20% damage is extremely useful.
Also, I'm 100% certain that they don't activate, I have tested it out countless times and it has not even worked once. at least 200 hits+ of radiant blast.
I think it's safe to say it's not working =/

Now, if Mihile didn't have the skill 'righteous indignation', I would settle for a critical/damage or boss nebulite but alas they do ._.

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I'm pretty sure their activation is just somewhat rare, even for a chance-based mechanic. It should function no differently than potential lines of the same type, so the more consecutive attacks you're able to do in quick succession, the better the chance of the enemies getting afllicted with status ailment from your Nebulite. I know they still work because one of my spare spears has Lv.2 Blind [i]and[/i] Lv.3 Freeze on it, and with Dark Impale, both would almost always proc so I don't see why Nebulites would malfunction while potential still works.

But still, why would you even bother with socketing your weapon? Mihile's 4th Job skill, "Four-Point Assault", automatically inflicts the Blind ailment on enemies a good portion of the time (40% of the time at Lv. 30). Between that and your other attack-boosting skills at that point in time (Radiant Charge, Combat Mastery, Expert Sword Mastery, Adv Final Attack and Rolling Soul), you'll almost always be blinding your enemies and doing critical damage anyways... that, and before you even hit 4th Job, you'll probably end up switching out your weapon for something stronger along the way.

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That's what I mean though, I DON'T EVER see the skull above their head even after countless tries.
I have tested it on over 50 LHC monsters, and i know FOR SURE that they CAN be blinded. Since 4-point assault
DOES blind them. So, I think either the passive effects for darkness/slow/poison and all that good stuff are either malfunctioning or it only works
for normal attacks o_o. Also my normal attacks don't activate it either so I have no idea what's going on.

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^there was an exploit with 4%nebs and they dropped significantly in scania from 1.2b----->20m
and nebulites like those activate on any skill or attack, it's a passive effect not an active one
so you wont see it if it blinds the monster, itll just do it (u know u blinded it when it has a skull over their head that decreases their accuracy)

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LOL is there something wrong with the 4% all stat nebs? XD

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function of nebs:

4 % all stat neb : 100% chance to increase the likelyhood of a permanent ban.


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