General Hayato

The bright side of the not high enough glitch You can cancel many of your attack's delays. This can be fun to play with but ofc the original Hayato playstyle is still the best. Examples: Jump->Whirldwind Cut->Falcon Dive lets you Jump->Whirldwind Cut immediately after, you can keep doing Jump->WWC->FD (You could also use dankuusen to cancel the delay of WWC) This is useful if you wanna rush a mob very far. Jump->Dankuusen->Falcon Dive- -> Jump->Dankuusen. You can keep doing Jump->Dankuusen->Falcon Dive (WWC also works to cancel the delay of Dankuusen) This is not that useful, it's just kinda fun to use xD. Shroyuusen->Dankuusen/WWC->Shoryuusen->Dankuusen/WWC... (You can keep doing this, this is real

General Warrior

Most Fun Warrior So basilers, which warrior do you find the most fun? I'm asking about your own personal preferences and playstyles, what do you find the most entertaining? For me, it'd have to be in this order. 1. Hayato (Large moveset, fluid attacks, intense mobility, can be creative with combos and has a badass stance) 2. Aran (Combo counter, system built around the combo counter, huge range on final blow and beyond blade) 3. Kaiser (High mobility, good variety of skills, god-tier at bossing) 4.Demon Slayer 5. Mihile 6. Dark Knight 7.Paladin I have yet to play a Hero but I think that Hero would rank around 4-5 as well. So which warrior do you like?

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