Good tablets to use to draw on?

Wanna progress my drawing skills on the computer. </3
Anyone know any fair priced and decent tablets that's good to use?

September 17, 2015

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I'd definitely recommend a Wacom Intuous Pro. I got one of these a few months ago and its amazing! It has a fair few amount of buttons that you can adjust for you own liking as well as a wheel to scroll/zoom with. Most people I know use the Wacom Intuous Pro and love it. Definetly check it out. Just a heads up, there's a pretty big difference when you jump from traditional to digital.

Reply November 5, 2015

My first tablet was a Wacom Bamboo, and I love it, but I recently upgraded to an Intuos because I needed more arm room.

I also briefly had a Monoprice tablet, but it was a little too fragile and I sort of broke it after a couple of months when I got it wet, but it's a giant tablet (10x6.25 inches) that's great for 50 bucks and it's worth the price tag if you're starting out. Wacom's pretty much the big game in graphic tablets, but they do tend to be pricier.

Reply September 17, 2015

Just bought a wacom recently. Havent set it up yet but i heard good things.

Reply September 17, 2015

I am actually also thinking of buying a drawing tablet. Anyone know if tablets are good for coloring? I wanna practice my coloring.

What I have seen are wacom and huion.
Any users on these?

Reply September 17, 2015

I'm currently using one from Wacom, I'd say they're decently prices for what they offer.

Reply September 17, 2015