how was your summer and how's life treating ya

hello guys! I came back to ask you all how your summer treated you. i used to post here a lot a while back and i know how dead this place this but im curious how long this thread can stay alive. there's more life in a graveyard lol.
my summer sucked and i also had a great time.
in life, it's ok. i still do stupid stuff and as long as i don't mess up, i can finally graduate next spring at the ripe old age of 27.

August 14, 2019

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After closer inspection, there is a small dent at the top back left side of my Switch, where the Joy-Con slides in. It still slides in just fine. Also, the USB plug thing for my Hori controller is bent upwards. I'm pretty sure he damaged that too when the dock fell. It was connected to the dock and I'm guessing the vacuum somehow caught the wire, but how can he be so damn reckless like that? The wire is so long too, he'd have to be at like the door of my room to make the thing fall, the TV being at the far opposite of the door. That frick!

So, on some days, I wake up late af. My dad keeps whining about how the day doesn't start because I'm still sleeping. Wtf. Why do I need to wake up so he can start the day? That don't make any sense. Do whatever the frig you want without me. Even when I do wake up early, I still have to wait like 4 hours before I can use the bathroom. Yes, he hogs the bathroom for that long. And it's not just on some days. EVERY SINGLE F#%@ING DAY.
When I do finish from the bathroom, I go to the kitchen to get something to eat, like what everyone usually does. NO. Sometimes that frick is in there either cooking dinner or hogging the kitchen doing something else and so I have to wait until he's done. He's in there for a couple of hours. No I can't go in there while he's in there because I always somehow get in the way.
One day, he blamed me for causing the kitchen sink to flood because I woke up late. HOW? What the frig does me waking up late causes the sink to flood with this dirty, nasty water? It was the friggin' neighbor next door that had clogged pipes and made this giant mess in the first place.
The plumbers were called. We had to use this water vacuum thing.

Some more bullbull events happened after, but maybe for another time.

One more week left of this terrible summer.

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i graduated and got an internship at a movie studio so life is pretty cool. im 25 so ur fine graduating at 27, you're still in your youth. 30 is the new 20, u got this, friend

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One of the many terrible things that happened:
A couple of days right before Fire Emblem: Three Houses came out, the TV decides to kill itself. Got no picture displaying on the screen. The back light or whatever it's called burned out. Yes, I did flash a bright light on the screen, I could barely see the picture. The best way to describe it is pretty much the same thing as the back light being turned off for GBA SP or original Nintendo DS, but TV screens are way darker. So I went and got a new TV...
It's strange, I was playing Hyrule Warriors for the Wii U at the time when I finally got this widescreen TV (was using a fat, heavy-ass 4:3 TV before), and then it died while I was playing Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition. Hopefully there won't be another Hyrule Warriors.
But for real, I couldn't even read the tiny font sized text of the patch notes on the fat TV's screen or the Wii U Gamepad. Frig is wrong with you Koei Tecmo/Omega Force/Team Ninja.

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well that really sucks.

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@nindow: He was cleaning my room while I was out. The Switch is sitting on a bookshelf right next to the TV. Somehow the vacuum knocked it off the shelf. How? I don't know. It's still a mystery to me.

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@defaulty: ah I know that feeling. that was me the previous summers lol.

@deeemon: ouch that sounds horrible. why would he do that?

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@nindow: Bullbull after bullbull after bullbull. So much. Since June.

And my dad "accidentally" tried to destroy my Nintendo Switch with his damn vacuum. The dock is all frickted up, but the console is still fine. Now every time I leave the home, I have to put/hide it someplace safe.

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I told myself i'd do stuff this summer but I literally did nothing at all and now I have to go back to university.

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why is everything horrible?

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Everything is horrible!

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Hot as hell and I'm taking summer classes. But it's not too bad besides that.

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Its business as usual, but this month has been pretty hectic

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yeah this summer was pretty busy. the weather sucked and there was a lot of work. my friends made it tolerable though lol.
thanks. im going to make sure I get to do more stupid things before I graduate.

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The past two summers have been a lot of work for me, so I really haven't had a lot time for recreation. I'm hoping that next summer will be more relaxing, as many of the things on which I'm currently working will be finished, but I don't mind being busy since most of my IRL friends are busy too, and there aren't many games I want to play right now.

Hope you enjoy your final year of uni

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90 degrees Fahrenheit

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