what are the training spots of these days so im back in maple, after like a year or 2, to try out the psychic class. the thing is, i dont know what the training spots, as in maps or PQs, are for these days since im pretty sure what i did back then is already outdated. what are the training spots/PQs for each level gap? i would like to know the spots all the way to the point that would make the link skills be considered max level cause im that bored and need something to kill time. and i would be right to assume those same spots can be applied to the reboot world?

General Anime

Regarding Anime Adaptations of Manga as the title says, what is your opinion on the anime adaptation of a manga that you like? and by anime adaptation, i guess this applies to animated films or anime with episodes. to start things off, im going to give my opinion on the animated adaptation of the manga "Akira". even though the adaptation did not include a great number of scenes from the manga along with the ending being different, it was still a masterpiece. i guess it must have been the way it was executed, such as the music,characterization of the main characters, and the handling of the plot. in addition, the animation was extremely well done. i really like how much detail was given to the background, such as in the chase scene

General Updates

Connection Issues of some sort i've had this problem since that patch that had the event of the zombie survival that gave out androids. i didnt do anything for a while because i used the the time to focus on other matters. whenever i try to log in, this occurs. followed by this message. so far, there are the actions i took to try to solve this problem. 1.i re-downloaded maple story a couple of weeks ago and this did not solve the problem. 2. i have the norton program, so i turned it off. it didnt work 3. in the norton settings, i placed maple story as a program that it should ignore. it didnt work either. 4. i have tried logging into the game through the website and the gamelauncher. neither worked. 5. i restarted the computer when i first