my braces are no more

so my dentist told me that my braces are coming off next month. i find it hard to believe theyre finally coming off after having them on for around 2 years. even though im going to be on retainers, at least i wont have to be picky with my food.
and you? have you ever gotten braces? how long did you have them on?

June 21, 2016

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@fradddd: well i guess if they aren't causing pain, they arent moving and i wouldn't worry about them.

Without any awkward missing teeth its just a case of finding a good orthodontist.

Maybe start by finding one that uses Damon braces, that shows that they are more on the "up and up" and more than likely use new technology and methods and would probably make room rather than have you extract teeth.

Sometimes extractions are needed though, so if 2/3 orthodontists think you should go for extractions its probably necessary.

Also its possible you can find an orthodontist willing to wait and see on whether extractions would be necessary.

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I've had braces for what... 3 years?
Prior to that I had a retainer that couldn't be removed for another couple years.
And before that I had a retainer+facemask that I only wore at night.

It's been about 8 years total. I've forgotten what it's like to not have weird metal in my mouth.

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1. you're gonna smile a lot more after lol
2. you're gonna be rubbing your tongue around your teeth 24/7 cuz its feels slimy.
3. gonna be a happy day for you.

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@tyrantblade I don't have any missing teeth.

And my wisdom teeth are weird. In the x-rays they look like they wouldn't grow in right. But I'm already 19, and they still have never given me pain. Most people I know got theirs removed at 15-16.

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Had mines for 4 years throughout highschool and it sucked. I also had 4 teeth removed in the process. Eat everything you can in celebration!

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I had mine for ~8 months when I was in Grade 11.

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@fradddd: some Orthodontists are pro-extraction for some reason, others only involve it when its really necessary

8 teeth does sound crazy, but if it were 4 premolars and 4 wisdom teeth that really only counts as 4 because most people get wisdom teeth removed anyways, and 4 premolars extractions could be necessary if you have a high degree of crowding.

Of course you are free to go to multiple consultations before you decide an orthodontist to go with.

I definitely recommend braces if you want a really nice smile, only thing is depending on what teeth are missing you might have implants in your treatment plan, and they are like $3000+ each.

After Having had braces For almost a Year it almost seems like i really shouldn't need another year and the only thing i really hate about my smile is my 2 big gaps (missing front tooth and a molar, both on top), other than that my top row of teeth is only slightly off from the bottom which looks basically perfect.

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Hey I remember you, you're the only other Mexican on this site. Join the siesta hour squad.

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recently got them off early june
had them on for 3 years

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I wish I had gotten braces back around middle school, cause my teeth were as bad then as they are now. My parents couldn't afford it at the time though.

But almost a year ago I went in for a consultation, and they said they'd wanna remove freakin' 8 teeth to make room for the others. Which sounds retarded to me.

And then about a month after that, I went and broke three of my front teeth, with one falling out, one snapping off at the gums, and one getting chipped. They shoved the one that fell out back in, and now it's pretty steady there. But I think they positioned it in a weird way, so along with the fill-in for the chipped tooth, it makes it so I can't put together my teeth/jaw in a way that feels natural. But I've dealt with that for a while now so it's okay.

My parents said they still think I should get braces but they said I could just do Invisalign.

Of course, my mom has PERFECT teeth, she never even had to get her wisdom teeth removed, and she never had braces. But us kids all got our dad's genes for teeth...

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I had braces for like 4 months in 7th grade lol it was awful and I never wanted them, barely wore my retainer, I have crooked teeth on my lower jaw but IDC it wasn't worth the suffering for me I was/still am happy with myself. SO like everyone else here has said, if u dig your straight-toothed smile, wear that retainer like your life depended on it, man. Otherwise it's money down the drain.

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looks like i still need to be careful even if i dont have braces.

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I think I had them on for 3 years. Very painful. When they were taken off I remember I felt like my teeth were so light and that I could bite faster. I too, was given a retainer but I lost them a year later and 7 years later here I am my teeth moved a little sIGH

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I got my braces on August 11 2015, so im almost at a year out of 2 years

Im liking how much better my smile has got, but its also kind of boring how slow its starting to feel.

But mostly im worried about getting money together for 2 teeth implants (probably $6000+), but i know i will be able to start saving money just around the corner.

Also at the end of July i will have a fake front tooth so i wont awkwardly look like im 5.

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never used em
maybe i should idk

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Yeah. If you skip out on your retainers, it'll cause your teeth to shift back crooked and you'll have to wear braces AGAIN.

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tip: always wear your retainers until your orthodontist advises you otherwise. Don't be lazy and wear it every night, when you look at your teeth it may seem like it has not shifted at all if you don't wear retainers, but if you don't they won't fit back in. EVERYNIGHT k. even after a whole year. the moment you don't wear them for a week or so, it will be painful tryna put them in.

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i have them on rn atm
the only foods that i dont eat are apples, but i never ate apples anyways

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I got braces in 2012 and had them on for 2 years. Even though they got taken off, I still felt uncomfortable looking at apples and other hard foods. :I

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Congratulations~!! Ive heard it feels really slippery once you take them off lol.

Ive had mine for 6 years now, getting them off late july.

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