Connection Issues of some sort

i've had this problem since that patch that had the event of the zombie survival that gave out androids. i didnt do anything for a while because i used the the time to focus on other matters.
whenever i try to log in, this occurs.
followed by this message.
so far, there are the actions i took to try to solve this problem.
1.i re-downloaded maple story a couple of weeks ago and this did not solve the problem.
2. i have the norton program, so i turned it off. it didnt work
3. in the norton settings, i placed maple story as a program that it should ignore. it didnt work either.
4. i have tried logging into the game through the website and the gamelauncher. neither worked.
5. i restarted the computer when i first began to have this problem and it didnt work.
6. i've been told it may be an issue with my internet connection. if its a problem with my connection, how can i fix it if i can?
i would appreciate any other suggestions that i should take to solve this matter.

should i redo the steps i have done to see if the error still occurs? could the problem be related to anything that might be in my computer? should i send nexon a ticket?

August 14, 2014

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@Anthorix: thanks for the info. i'll see what i can do now.

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idk, could you log into your routers IP settings console? its something like "number number number lots of number dot number number " for my router. for you, you could search the ip address for your router name...

i remember setting my router firewall to medium, and even then the router blocked Maple.
I set my router security to low, now Maple works fine.

try changing firewall settings?

*there could still be a different cause.*

about the DNS

try searching how to change DNS servers because the guides are more thorough. like "change DNS servers to Google DNS servers."

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[quote=Anthorix]May-Maybe its your router blocking internet access for Maple.

M-maybe change DNS servers to google? [/quote]

is there a way that i can tell that its my router blocking it? also, a way to unblock it? and what do you mean by the DNS servers?

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6.5/10 you tried.

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[quote=Anthorix]May-Maybe its your router blocking internet access for Maple. [/quote]
For posting exactly what I was going to post, we are rivals now

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May-Maybe its your router blocking internet access for Maple.

M-maybe change DNS servers to google?

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