Fun with scrolling?

Hey guys.

So I suggest a little something to listen to while you're scrolling. (You know, just to pretend that the whole world cares? lol) (Sorry linking isnt working for some reason -_-)

Alright pce ~ (I was bored, don't judge me lol)

August 19, 2013

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I listen to this
[url=]What Hurts The Most[/url]
[url=]I hate my life[/url]
and any other negative songs to make you feel even worse while you're scrolling/cubing with bad luck

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you did it wrong. URL goes after url=, the space between the ] and the [/url] is where what you want to say goes

[.url=]If your earphones/headphones have good bass, this should be good.[/url]
without the period of course

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While scrolling? More like while grinding.

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