Tower of Oz Alicia's Brilliance Theory

So it's more or less common knowledge by now that the 500 m.atk Alicia's Brilliance is "impossible" to get. Dorothy only drops the 300 m.atk Mutated Staff, there's no quest for upgrading it like there is with the Cursed Kaiserium, and nobody in either KMS or GMS has ever managed to get one.

A lot of people have tried various theories (like dropping the Mutated Staff in the Dorothy map) but nothing's worked, and so everyone has reached the conclusion that it can't be obtained.

What has always confused me about the staff is that it's completely untradeable, can't be psok'd. Meaning unless you were a mage, getting the staff would be pointless. Which got me thinking, maybe it's something only a mage can get. However, plenty of mages have cleared Dorothy (myself included) and nothing has come of it.

But then I thought, has anyone every cleared Tower USING Alicia's Mutated Staff?

There have been quests in the past that were only available if you wore a certain item (best examples being the Alcadno and Zenumist quests in Magatia) and only a mage could clear Tower using the Mutated Staff, meaning only they could access this theoretical quest.

This might just be a crazy idea but I think it's worth trying, and unless someone out there has actually completed Tower using the Mutated Staff then I'll probably start attempting to do so myself. Curious to know what everyone else thinks though.

July 5, 2016

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I think there was a quest planned to be added, but never was. My theory is it would be something like the Cursed Kaiserium quest.
Maybe we will need to "purify" the mutated staff.

Reply July 6, 2016

@ninjaoftennis: I thought KMS devs said there was a way to get it, but idk that might've just been a rumor.

Reply July 5, 2016

If you can get through the tower using that weapon, might as well do it.

Worst case scenario you only prove that you can run through the tower using the Mutated Staff, which is probably an accomplishment on its own.

Reply July 5, 2016

A friend of mine sent a ticket and was told that it was currently unobtainable in the game by a GM.
But who knows

Reply July 5, 2016

I think if such a quest existed, data miners would have found it in the files.
It's likely just unreleased content they forgot about.

Reply July 5, 2016