Help - Maple Board Game is Glitched I rolled the very easy dragon capsule quest, and completed it. However whenever I go to the board game it doesn't count it as completed. When I try to forfeit the quest, it opens my quest log which doesn't have the quest since I already completed it. Essentially I can't roll my dice (since it says im doing the quest), but I am able to receive dices. EDIT: Forgot to mention that I have tried relogging and restarting maple with both not working.

General Darkknight

UA DK skill build help Correct me if I am wrong but UA's start at level 50 which means they get 60 points for skills until 3rd job advancement. I plan on making a UA DK but what will I max? I know Soul Driver and Hyper body are a must but what about the other important skills? Booster, Iron Wall, Mastery; will I need to max all 3 of these as well? Personally I hate having to recast booster every minute or so. So should I pump points in 3rd job onto these skills if I won't be using some of the 3rd job DK skills at all? EDIT: I am not sure if any skills are automatically maxed for you or not or if Soul Driver takes up SP points. EDIT 2: Do UA's even get ground smash or enhanced basics? Are the max levels for some skills not the same as origin

General Dualblade

Dual blade banned, what now? No I was not hacking nor was I partying with a hacker (if that even gets you banned) -_____________- anyways since golden temple will be around until the 23rd of march, how long do you think it will take me train there from 20 to 120? I'll train for 2 hours a day (1 purchased ticket and 1 free) Weekends possibly 3 to 4 hours? My friend is willing to let me borrow his wg, and some 90+ thief equips until I can get some of my own, I can also buy a pet with pouch and magnet in case so I'll be able to make some money while im inside GT

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