About the new dojo times for Night Lords

Hello Basil, I was wondering what is the best time in dojo so far for us night lords. I was able to do 4.13 and best windian NL so far managed to 4.02. What about the other worlds ? Any tips for speeding up ? Thanks

August 20, 2015

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3:53 in Bera imgur.HxjlxcT

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Damn I remember you from wayyyyy back in the day in scania @undexme

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@hydraxide: My mag soul hits ~200mil lines, which contributes more significantly against bosses with higher HP that don't get ohko'd.

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@undexme Just curious, what's the idea behind using magmag that late into the run?

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4:02 is what I see from NLs in GRAZED. Meanwhile fastest phantom is 4:13 i think pls fix platter T_T

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DragonSkill: 3:56 broa

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[quote=ohjoseph]Gratz man![/quote]

It takes timing to do a sub-4:00 run. I cast my first Epic Adventure right before the Lord Pirate stage (first stage that takes two capped quad throws to kill) and I summoned my mag soul at around 2:25. Today was the first time I did a run after the new system, and this was my third try. I can probably improve a little bit if I do some more analysis on the most optimal time to cast buffs, but sub-3:50 is likely impossible for a NL.

Edit: I just recorded at 3:59 run, lagged quite a bit due to the recording which caused a few seconds worth of slowness.

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Gratz man!

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[quote=wansong]I think a Broni NL hit 3:58 yesterday[/quote]


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I think a Broni NL hit 3:58 yesterday

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I got 4:09

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Thanks for the advice guys. Yeah there were some 4.0x times las time I checked but none under 4

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Very low 4s seems to be our limit

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-Are you capping already crits? If not, you need to be for the fastest time.
-If you're capping crits but not non-crits, then get higher crit rate, or increase your range/%boss more.
-Make sure youre at cap attack speed. NLs reach this really easily, so you should already be there.
Claw is at (4)
Booster brings you to (2)
MPE green pot brings you to (1) (This is necessary or else you can't go below (2))
DSI/Inner brings you to (0)
-Only buff in the 10 seconds between stages
-Get a swiftness rune before you start. I usually check around the map 1 left/right of leafre, ccing until I find a swiftness rune. This is important because it allows you to go over (0) att speed, and swiftness increases your attack speed by 2. I usually fully buff up, grab my rune, run back to the town, use quick travel to dojo, and quickly start up my run.
-I'm not sure the delay on your bossing attack, but using a soul might be better than attacking until you soul stops 1 hitting.
-Practice dojo. Do it multiple times a day so you can learn how to attack right as the boss spawns.
-I'm not sure too much about NL dojo, but I would guess that you should make sure you summon dark flare when its up
-Also make sure to use your hyper buff when its up(and when youre not like 1-3 hitting) for higher dps.
-Make sure to use epic adventurer whenever its up after you stop 1hitting, as it adds 5m/line if youre capping

Good luck!

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More %boss

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