Additional options/flames

Has there ever been an official statement from Nexon stating why they won't add these in despite them being available in EMS (before merge) and KMS? Or are they just brushing this to the side like what they did with auction house.

September 6, 2016

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@nitsua2789: as it stands right now only the top of the top would be taking down Lucid in GMS, and while that's true to a degree for KMS, KMS players could atleast work their way up past the first phase without paying (but that's a lot of work to be putting in, like the amount of work to get to 2m-2m in gms without spending money).

Reply September 7, 2016

Initially it was considered very game breaking given some of the stats you could get, and so for that reason it wasn't implemented (similar to Miraculous Enhancement scrolls, which gives any equip the same level of stats as a Tyrant).

With the removal of cap and the introduction of bosses with more and more HP it isn't necessarily as overpowered as it would have been when KMS first got it, but I think at this point they'd rather just not deal with it unless it actually becomes necessary for us to have in order to finish Lucid.

What I find interesting is that they're removing Flames from EMS but leaving the existing Additional Options on any equips untouched. Hope everyone got their stuff finished before the merge.

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I believe their statement on the issue was that it would conflict with the Nebulite system we got. Total BS if you ask me. Most likely a financial move much like how we don't have the Auction House. Nebulites are good but they have such a paywall barrier for most players.

Additionally, with additional options, you can get equipment with 40~50+ stat and 3~6%(don't know how high it goes) all stat on a base equipment before any additional enhancements. That's far better than a mere +4% stat boost and is also free/easier to obtain on most equips. I'm also curious to see how we'll fare with the upcoming bosses with our setup since KMS can barely handle them as of yet.

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