Annnnnnnd its gone

No more stackable Iron Skin =(

October 11, 2015

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@fooruki: You will be able to max out all of Hayato's skills now. Or did you mean Hyper Skill Build?

Reply October 11, 2015

is there any skill build for hayato? i cant find any please hewlp

Reply October 11, 2015

fix the unstackable ability but not when iron skin overrides our hyper?

Reply October 11, 2015

@trumpet205: well, it is a saturday and i'm sure they don't have their full team of coders working on it. So such inaccuracies were bound to happen

Reply October 11, 2015

And they still didn't fix Iron Skin overwriting the lv150 hyper.

Reply October 11, 2015

@muffinsinc: Yep. That's the only thing they fixed. You would think if they do an unscheduled maintenance they would've fix something game breaking. Even though Iron Skin bug is a significant bug, it is hardly justified to do an unscheduled maintenance for it.

And when they did they neglected to fix related bugs such as party skills, Kanna's Nine-Tailed Fury, Mihile's link skill, etc.

Honestly, Nexon needs to get their priority straight.

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Is that really the only thing they fixed during the maintenance skill wise? If so that's ridiculous.

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@demodango: Nexon changed the Maintenance page after it finished to elaborate the fix was to prevent Iron Skin from stacking. Apparently you could constantly stack it to get ridiculously high Status Resistance (9999% and such?). Someone said this was always possible though... There's SO many other skill issues going on right now: Link Skills (such as Mihile's not working), party buffs not applying to parties, hayato/kanna skills not working as intended, but instead they fix that.

I think Nexon should create a proper Bug Tracker website, like Mojang has for Minecraft and such. Running bugs through the forum has served to have "recognized" bugs which aren't even known by the actual developers. If we could write properly formatted bug reports, have moderators that can confirm issues, the website itself would generate a list of current issues and it'd make this whole process MUCH easier. The developers could just look through a list of bugs marked as unresolved and go through fixes. Plus, there's a vote system, so we could properly show our support for an issue so they know just how many people are effected and care for it being fixed.

For example, here is a bug report for Minecraft: You see an Affected Version list, the status of the issue, if official moderators have confirmed the issue is present. Any duplicates have a list, so everything is condensed into a single bug report instead of multiple minor ones. On the right, you see a vote counter for people who want it fixed, and when they start working on it you see who is working on it.

[b]Edit:[/b] Just made a Suggestion topic on it:

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I'm out of the loop. What's broken and how?

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Annnnnnd Shimada Heart & Rai Blade Flash still haven't been fixed. GG Nexon.

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It is a sad day for Hayatos everywhere. RIP Iron Skin. Have to get off my butt and work back to 100% status resist now :c

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But it was such a critical skill issue!

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