what should i do?

i had chicken tacos for breakfast and i think i have diarrhea. i'm sitting on my chair, clenching my ass, but i can't to go the bathroom because i'm afraid that if i get up, my anus will release the diarrhea.

help me.

January 8, 2014

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[quote=Craftinrock]I'm a man of concrete proof and evidence.
If you can not supply me with the said proof and evidence I am forced to believe that you are lying.
Don't be a liar.[/quote]

i lied. i dishonor my family.

Reply January 9, 2014

[quote=Craftinrock]I need pictures...[/quote]

do you have a diarrhea fetish?

Reply January 8, 2014

I am literally crying from laughter and slamming my hands on my desk here. Beautiful. 10/10, would recommend.

Reply January 8, 2014

lick it clean, it taste like chocolate. can confirm.

Reply January 8, 2014

it's too late, i accidentally farted and diarrhea came out. it's dripping from my pants and now it's all over the floor, so i have to wait for my mommy to come home and clean it up. i'm still sitting on my chair, btw.

Reply January 8, 2014

Run brother RUN.

Reply January 8, 2014

best thing to do is run and avoid farting on the way.

Reply January 8, 2014