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How do girls wear short shorts?

It was something I was always kinda curious about. How does a girl wear short shorts and not feel naked. I personally don't even like wearing mens shorts.

0 June 1, 2016

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American's "freedom" until they get r@ped then they complain about "too much freedom" lmao

Reply June 5, 2016

I wonder too about those shorts that show ya buttcheeks .-. I could never wear those lol

Reply June 5, 2016 - edited

@sirkibble: Yes o.o
I spend hours a day practicing ballet and gymnastics...I need clothes that don't get in the way and that works. I distinctly despise the typical ballet outfit.

Reply June 4, 2016 - edited

I don't really get the feel of 'naked.' Ever. So idk.

I wear shorts and skirts that are roughly palm length pretty much every day. They feel comfortable. When I've tried on longer shorts such as guys cargo feels really bizarre. iono.

I love short shorts and short skirts. I think they're attractive on girls...and I'm bi/lesbian so yeah, lol. I wear what I like on other girls and enjoy it bc I tend to like the way I look.

Reply June 4, 2016 - edited

Phase 1: Put one leg in
Phase 2: ?
Phase 3: PROFIT!

Reply June 4, 2016 - edited

cuz theyre girls

Reply June 4, 2016 - edited

I'm a guy.
Shorts are incredibly impractical unless it's 100+ degrees F. If you have to walk through weeds or tall grass or anything, pants are better. If you fall, pants are better. If you have to kneel, pants are better. If it's cold, pants are better.

People complain way more when wearing shorts than pants.
Plus, sometimes shorts expose your hairy male thigh when you sit down or whatever, which I don't wanna see.

The only real practical use is if you're an attractive girl with nice legs.

Reply June 2, 2016 - edited

my shorts are pretty short, like 5" running shorts, since I usually wear compressions when working out. However it honestly feel a lil weird sometimes when I just have shorts on. Like I forgot to put pants on. But comfy af, feels like sitting at home just wearing boxers.

Reply June 2, 2016 - edited

I question girls who wear short short skirts. Jeez louise, stop showing off your donkeys, girls! I already get enough awkward shots in the sauna as is!

Reply June 2, 2016 - edited

I have naughty thoughts about girls wearing short shorts.

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

i'm a guy but if i could get away with wearing short shorts i'd do it all the time. honestly if i could get away with walking around naked all the time i probably would because clothes are too damn hot lmao. idk why people question girls wearing short shorts like that when pretty much every girl has worn a bikini in public which is way more revealing than short shorts are

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

How much short can a short shorts go if a short shorts should short shorter.

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

It feels liberating especially in 35C weather.

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

eh i dont like wearing shorts that are shorter than my knees
the leg hair aint something to show off

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

I also hate wearing shorts! I hate the feeling of my exposed knees and legs. I feel more secure in my khakis or jeans.

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

you ever just wear your menstrual pad on a g string cause you haven't done laundry

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

older gen promote clothes for newer gen. transition from diapers to that

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

just like how some ppl are nudists, they like a breeze

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited

How do they wear thongs is a better question. Looks uncomfy af.

Reply June 1, 2016 - edited