Reboot potential stamps

Has anyone figured out a way to obtain potential stamps? (2l -> 3l).
I am already leveling up alchemy to fuse things until it becomes potential and 3l but for secondaries/badges etc which are one-of-a-kind/ unfusable piece of equipment I can't do this.
Does anyone know?
Please share your wisdom!

December 4, 2015

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its probably better to just use 2x drops and find the 3L gears in particular before you start cubing.. thats what i did because the drop rates are very high.. a better question would be: "Where do you get 100% Epic potential scrolls?"

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I got one from my first normal Zakum.

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elite boss confirmed drops em

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I have 3 now from elite bosses, its not a very consistent way of getting them but at least they don't expire

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They sometimes drop from mobs, Elul. Rare bastards, though.

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I got one today from an elite boss, I hope this isnt the only way because that was one lucky box out of the 15~ I opened and then there's that 40% chance of failure.

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