Reboot world link skills glitched Yesterday I had linked both Kanna and Demon Avenger link skills to my main and I checked, they were both there. But logging in now 0:20AM pst they're both gone. I haven't tried relinking yet though, will do that soon and update here. Has anyone else noticed their link skills dissapearing after midnight pst reset? Edit : Checked link mules, both were linked to my main eventhough it did not show. Edit 2: Apparently logging into your link mules will fix the glitch (not sure if perm fix or daily)


Reboot server walk through guide With all the Reboot hype, I decided to compile some tips and information that could be handy for Reboot players. It contains training spots, recommended prequests and other goodies. Link to my google doc file : If you have any info that you think should be added, leave a comment! All criticism is appreciated! Also, some friends and I have created a Discord group to help each other out in the Reboot server. We plan on creating a guild and bossing. If you're interested in joining our group, feel free to pm me for the Discord invitation!

General Updates

KMST 1.2.24 Phantom updates Phantoms going to be so broken if this goes live.. - All Heroes can obtain a lvl 100 emblem now. - They removed Final Judgement (lvl 150 hyper skill) and added Talent of the Phantom Thief H which allows you to steal a lvl 150 hyper skill. - So if you were to steal Shadower's Flip the Coin you would gain an additional +10m damage cap, 5% total damage and 10% crit per stack with a max of 5 stacks. 100m hit per line? ripperoni Edit : This was supposed to be posted on Phantom forums rip. Link :


Hi, I'm considering making a bossing series where I'll solo 'any' boss on one of the following characters - Wind Archer - Mercedes - Blaze Wizard - Dawn Warrior - Shade - Thunder Breaker? I will decrease my range to the lowest possible to showcase what the minimum required range/%boss/control is needed for requested bosses. If there are enough people wanting those videos and comment which boss/character they want to see, I'll gladly make it. Consider this project my last Maplestory series :) Currently working on Wind Archer chaos vellum&Hard Magnus and Mercedes everything since I have yet to show any gameplay of my Merc!

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