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For Dragon Nest players in Argenta I'm currently mentoring and training people on the server, at least until the end of summer. PM me if you wish to take part! When: PM me for that, schedule is too complicated to post Information: IGN: MoonWingx Class/Subclass/Third Tier: Tinkerer/Engineer/Gear Master Level: 48 (well it's 21% from 49) Guildlines: -Level 9 and up, please -Not helping for solo instances (duh). -Don't leech for free exp unless you want to get kicked. I didn't want to... -Don't blame me for not knowing my way around dungeons, it's been a while :/ -Keep your cool~


The Approx. Dates for Unlimited I've been looking through the update notes for Unlimited in anticipation, so here's the dates I calculated for the releases for each part of it as well as a general overview.. Note these will be about right if Nexon doesn't stall it or move it ahead (unlikely since they just merged like three patches). Well, the calculations may be off by one month, but that's near impossible, we're on the update before Unlimited now. Yay for 5 month gap~ [b]K, I redid the calculating, Part 1 comes about May 1st, Second on the 15th or so, and third sometime from May 29-June 2nd.[/b] Part One- Coming Early May: System Reorganization! Basically a second Big Bang, it changes a lot of things including damage/health/mana, item dro

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