Mary Jane and Molly meet Edm

Probably the most peaceful and jolly book in all of mankind imo.
Who do you side more with though,
MJ: the antagonist
Molly: the protagonist?

September 12, 2015

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Just did molly at a rave last weekend, it was pretty cool. 2nd best feeling I've felt in my life. Wouldn't do it again though.

First best, as cheesy as it sounds, is when I'm with my girlfriend

I wouldn't say it's all you'd think it is really. It really just felt good and glowy for a few hours and the music blended in very good and I just wanted to dance to it

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can't see myself ever siding with anyone other than MJ

even if she's just a character, I feel like she gets me and never messes with me in ways that will cause repercussions down the line. I could see myself chilling with her, having a good time, then not doing so for months but still being cool when we meet up again (like the perfect one night stand)

even that side character Coca (who shares my Colombian heritage) was far too intense for me to even consider her as someone I'd like to hang out with

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lol shakin my head

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a lil bit of both

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also is this a real book?

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K, I remember when I was in high school.

Drugs must be cool to you, guy.

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