existential crisis

how do you fight the urge to cut everyone out of your life and start fresh like 10,000 miles away when you know that no matter where you are everything is still gonna suck

also does any1 have any cute video game recs

June 3, 2016

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find new stuff to distract you with
the monotony of everyday life can be overwhelming at times, so spice it up with like a hobby or something

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I have friendships that have lasted over 20 years. All of my closest friends I have known for well over 10 years. To cut them out of my life now, would be to cut out part of myself. Like most things in life, it is better to endure and overcome a struggle than to run away from it. Because let's face it Ziggy, as you've said, no matter where you run to new problems have a way of finding everyone. If your only answer is to run, you'll be running your whole life.

Fight for your own happiness Ziggy, you have friends who are there for you. If you move you'll be on your own which would truly suck. Life without friends, is like life without music. A song to help you through every mood

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@zigen : A question that some potential migrant out there asks themselves every single day. You need to change your outlook on yourself and your circumstances if you want to move and be successful. Do not view yourself as being destined to fail, this is the easy way out, to say its out of your control. But it is not truly out of your control. (mainly aimed towards a 1st/2nd world person since you at least have internet and the mindset is that you "could" move, if you're being locked up or just prohibited to do anything by an external 3rd party like the state then yeah stop reading)

You cannot expect to move and have everything fall into your lap right away. You're leaving behind everything, you start from the bottom once more. But why would you decide to move in the first place? For more opportunity.

Perhaps in this new setting you can soar to loftier heights, exceeding the limitations of your past life.

But success doesn't come easy. Success grows as you grow. As you strengthen yourself as an individual, but do not forget to remain humble to yourself and those around you. Things will suck while you're starting anew, it will probably suck for a few years but if you persist and stay true to your desire to succeed through hard work and effort then you will soon surpass the life you left behind and will reap the rewards for your efforts.

But before you decide to move, you should really look at yourself, see what is it that you can change, why the place you're currently at is not benefiting you. Is it because if your efforts and what would happen if you changed yourself. Would your circumstance change or would it remain the same? If it is the latter then, moving is a plausible decision.

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@mrsatan: You're always looking for new people in hell, huh??

OT: Idk.
Re: I kinda like Crash Bandicoot, from PS1. His dance when you don't touch the controller is actually really cute.

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Can confirm that suicide is the best option.

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I just remind myself how bad things can be and refuse to allow myself to wallow in petulant nonsense.

Not that you're either. I'm talking about me when I get upset. My reasons are never anything of any real merit. The last time I got really upset was when I was dwelling on being primarily into girls. It's not that I dislike being lesbian...its that my preferences work totally against me. I'm a super girly girl that obsesses on gymnastics and dance...but the girls I have crushes on are exactly like me. Unfortunately those girls don't tend to be into girls...and the girls that do like me are distinctly not my type. It's a stupid first world problem but it does get a little depressing when I realize that I've never met a girl I really desire that is into me...or other girls in general. It seems every girly girl lesbian likes butch girls...and butch girls like girly girls. I don't like butch girls. If I wanted a boyfriend I'd date a boy. I like girls that are girls. It sucks. lol.

Anyways...yeah. I read incessantly and given the fact that I read primarily about's not hard to tell myself to shut up with my sniveling first world problems.

Re: games. Hm. You say 'cute' so I'm assuming you don't mean things like Witcher 3 or Doom, lol. In the realm of cute...I really think the remake of Ratchet and Clank is super good and super cute. It's less a remake than it is a reimagining of the original. It's awesome.

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