Rebirth Flame Help Can someone help? I cant use rebirth flames on things that can use rebirth flames!?!?! I have 2 VIP (STR) Daggers and one of them I can easily use the rebirth flame but the other one doesnt? Also the same with superior gollux belt, i bought it from someone who was able to rebirth flame it and it has the bonus stat from a rebirth flame but it wont allow me to do it. Is there certain criteria that things have to be in order to be flamed or what? the only difference between the two Vip weps is that one has bonus potent and other does not. I am using lvl 130 rebirth flames on the VIP weps and one accepts and other does not. They are 100% the same wep!! Im dragging this out, but yeah.. help?

General Demonslayer

Maple Leaf Council -Opinions and Comments about Demon Slayer Hello! My name is Dadevilslaya and I am your Councillor in the Maple Leaf Council for Demon Slayer! I am here to ask your opinions about the class Demon Slayer. 1. What do you like about the class? 2. Is it your main playable class? 3. What is your favorite thing about the class? (Story line, skills, that it talks, ect.) 4. What do you dislike about the class? 5. What changes can be made to make the class more enjoyable? 6. What should be added? 7. What should be taken away OR have limitation on? Those are just a few questions i would like to ask. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please let me know below! Thank you! ~ Happy Mapling!

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