New Rings in Kms Ignore Dr, Range to 2m, and More ;page=5 The translations are google translated and posted on SP: "Really rough ring translations: Note: All rings (unless otherwise indicated) have a prefix phrase that indicates that the effects of the rings are TEMPORARY. I also believe they have a chance of proccing, though they could also have actives. Idk. Ring names are all phonetic translations from their English counterparts so those were pretty simple. Disclaimer: Probable mistakes. Restraint Ring - Increases W/M ATT, but restricts movement Ultimatum Ring - User's W. ATT stat is set to 200 for the duration. Limit Ring - Maximum MP is set to 500 and boss damage is increased - Classes that do not use MP cannot use this skill. Hea


Hordes Of Monsters On the Voyage At some point during the voyage to Luna, your ship member will say hordes of monsters are appearing, but are the hordes infinite or something? It doesn't even take me a second to clear the mobs out (even faster with Asura) but the timer runs out before all the mobs are cleared because they keep spawning. I'm pretty sure I'm killing them fast enough because I only need to attack once, and when I tried using Asura it didn't make a difference even though I was wiping the floor with the mobs. Has anyone else gotten past this part? It doesn't seem like the mobs stop spawning. I'm assuming a boss would spawn after the horde but I'm not sure.

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