General Updates

Loading times actually longer now? Before when the game would fully load before starting it would take roughly 2-3 minutes. Now when taking everything except the starting video into account, it takes roughly 4-5 minutes to load everything, from the actual start time to the world entry, channel selection, character selection and start-up. Has anyone truly experienced benefits from the different order of events or is it just me whose loading times actually got worse? I also want to know if anyone's lagged heavily when trying to enter Star Planet. I can't seem to get in at all and I've pretty much given up. Has anyone experienced and found a solution for this?

General Kanna

Random Hp loss Whenever I do DI, and from what I can tell, DI specifically, I frequently lose half my HP. Every once in a while, it happens near consecutively and I immediately die. I didn't get hit with this at all on my Paladin or Marksman. I also don't get affected in evo lab (at least I don't remember any instances). Anyone have an explanation for this? I'd like to reduce the likelihood of my dying as much as possible in something as easy as DI. Thanks. Note: I don't just spam shikigami haunting, I also use soul shear a lot. It might just be coincidence, but it feels like it's related and it's hard to pinpoint the cause.

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