General Buccaneer

What do I upgrade first? I have around 2.5b (I quit and recently came back) for my bucc. My current equips are: Hat: Clean empress +3% str (clean) Cape: 6% str Coat: Clean Empress potted, is above average with 3 atk (clean) Gloves: Clean Empress potted (clean) Shoes: Clean Empress (clean) Weapon: Clean Empress potted (clean) Pendant: HTP potted nothing special Eye: 2% str special summer goggles Face: None Belt: 2% str Earrings: 12% str Rings: 3 EVO Rings (17,17,10) and an ABR Shoulder: none None of my equips are really spectacular... I just didn't know what to upgrade first, because since empress can get really expensive really fast I didn't know if I had the money to do that. I was thinking belt first, then maybe cape? What do you guys thi

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