General Phantom

phantom: where 2 go with it ok hi.. i've just hit 145 with my phantom and i was wondering what i should do next. it's my main (although ive gotten to 150 before with an xenon) and my second highest level character ever lol. im not sure what i should do next. my range is 35-37k buffed, and im using all basic phantom links + hyper body + cross surge. for bossing i use milles + final cut, as it seems to do more damage than rapid fire (and i hate the rapid fire animation lmao) equips: im rocking a pensalir set currently, with veteran crusader pendant/belt/shoulder and a frozen carte. ive got a clean faf set + cane for when i hit 150, im planning on spell tracing 70% and starforcing each part to like.. 10 stars, as well as starforcing/scrolling

General Xenon

where to go, what to do, hello fam as of late i've been spending a lot of time on my xenon. i'm the type of guy who switches mains very often, never really getting super high level before my indecisiveness makes me want to move. (for example, within my maple career (i joined a short time after the thief release in gms) ive gone: nl > bm > evan > BaM > wh > hiatus > cannoneer > mercedes > shad > mercedes again > hayato > hiatus > BaM > TB > WA > phantom > and now xenon seriously, most of my characters get bogged in the 110s - 130s before i quit out of boredom. however, im really liking my xenon and i feel as if its everything i want in a class. tbh its the only character ive made thats broken t


switching to windia/bera/broni.. which one so i've been thinkin, with the server change event most people are gonna leave mybckn (my current server, dont let my main player deceive you) and i was also thinking that i might as well however then i realized: why wait. my highest char right now is like 134 and i have 200 mil mesos at most, and no good items that i'd lose out on. all of that could easily be rebuilt in another server within a few weeks! if i dont wait until the server change i could be all settled in by the time it rolls around (and then probably xfer my phantom over for the link as i hated leveling it) so yeah! im leaving mybckn. rip my main servers (kradia then later chaos) 2011 - 2015 now the problem is.. which server out of t


i really hate elite farmers so i was trying to train my evan (im rolled him up this morning, probably gonna it) and im at drakes, leveling pretty darn fast, and then these two high levels come in and start ksing me without saying anything. i try to tell them its a grim map in order to get them to leave, and they say it's their channel lol. y'all.. why not farm at high level places? why come to lower level training grounds and be buttholes..... lol nexon pls get rid of elite bosses tyvm proof:


My Mapel Story Theory Thread here is my theory . maple island has shops, right ?!? but. the only people on maple island are explorers. explorers start with 0 meso. how are they supposed to buy things ?! ok keep listening. so basically the stores make NO money. how does maple island's economy sustain itself without revenue flowing in?? the answer... will shock u. maple island is under a harsh conservative rule, and Big Business controls the money. obviously it has no industtry and is in fact a rural place!!!! so how do these shops stay open if no money comes to them? CORPORATE BACKING!!!!!!!!! i bet some high end company like the black wings or maybe the silent crusade pays for them. of course, corporate backing only goes so far, so im sure


the real reason maple is dieing it's too hard for new players! need maple island nerf!! orange mushrooms are strong and will kill new players. as a pro I only die like eight times to kill one but a new player might never kill!! Mano is too hard! why have a mid level boss guarding the end of the beginners level!! wth!! u need a high range to solo him yet ur only low level. solution: nerf Mano or have maple island monsters drop %dmg equpips. three is BUFF MY PLAYER. I play a level 33 page yet I can't kill anything but spores . it's becuz I put half my ap into int so my character was smart and strong but now he's weak. I can't restart bc I spent three weeks getting him this far!

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