Zero Gratias ring class? I am curious which classes benefit the most from that tasty extra crit and crit damage? I had big hopes of utilizing a 195 att Emp crossbow I made (god I wish I could clean off those 2 failed slots and get it above 200 before I start enhancing it...) but I imagine with Sharp Eyes that neither a WH or a MM would really need a crit ring. Is there a class that really takes off with the benefit of more crit? I am starting to get a little sad with my Aran... so I was hoping that this ring could be the inspiration for me to shoot for the stars with another class.

General Warrior

Sw polearm scrolling question So I got a SW polearm this morning (I swear the last trip has increased drop rate or something), did my cube thing... Unique 20% Boss, 7% max MP, 30% Boss. Started RED scrolling. First one lands, second one fails... Should I innocence here or see if a second fails before innocence? Perfection isn't absolutely necessary... but I have an 8 out of 10 RED scrolled Emp Xbow. If my aran's weapon isn't scrolled nicely, he will likely fall by the wayside when I finally decide MM or WH.

General Bowman

Xbow Class differences? I recently found a 5 piece Empress set for very cheap including a crossbow (Currently with 2 RED scrolls landed, 8 slots double hammered) and I'm trying to decide between WH and MM. I see so much bonus att in the WH skill set, but literally no WHs. Is there something else I'm missing that makes MM a far better choice for a new main? I started a WH just to see how a mounted archer felt (which is definitely unpleasant on a really short monster if you are using richochet) but I'm not so completely in love with it that I wouldn't restart as a MM if there is a glaring gap in power.

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