Looking for one Pokemon that can fight the E4

[b][Warning to those who haven't played, this might contain some spoilers about the Elite 4][/b]


I am looking for a Pokemon that I can just use to fight the E4.
Main reason is so I can have 4 ~ 5 Pokemon in my party to leach of EXP with EXP share.

I am having trouble picking the Pokemon.
Right now I have 3 Pokemon I use to fight the E4+Champ.
The E4 just uses 4 elements and I counter them with the element that is there weakness (button smashing).
[i]The [b]bold[/b] elements are what I use, maybe you can help me pick what Pokemon to pick.[/i]

Dragon weakness = [b]Ice[/b]/Dragon/Fairy
Steal weakness = [b]Fire[/b]/Fight/Ground
Fire weakness = [b]Water[/b]/Rock/Ground
Water weakness = [b]Electric[/b]/Grass

For the Champ I already got it down
I use my Blastoise and use: Ice Beam, Surf, Ice Beam, Surf, Ice Beam, Flash Cannon and I win.

I really want to cut it down from using 3 Pokemon to 2 or 1 Pokemon and have everyone else leach off the EXP.

At the moment I was picking Slowbro/SlowKing because it knows Ice Beam, Surf, Flamethrower.
But it knows no Electric moves and the Grass moves it knows is very risky.

I was also thinking of using Starmie because it knows Ice Beam, Surf, Thunderbolt but I have nothing to win with the Steal guy.

I was also considering to take Smeargle and teach it moves but it low attack and sp.attack I don't want risk it.

[b]Got any idea who to use? Maybe there is a Pokemon that you guys know that I don't know that can fit this need.[/b]

[i]Please note that this Pokemon has to be caught able in the Kalos region.[/i]
[i]This Pokemon can't be Xerneas, Mega Charizard X, Mega Mewtwo X, Mega Manectric, Mega Pinsir and Mega Tyranitar but it can be anything else in Kalos.[/i]

November 4, 2013

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[quote=RockGod1]dude if you want fast exp, dont do the E4 lol
Dont bother with the restaurants either like @Doutei says.

This is what i do:
Defeat all the Trainers inside of the Battle Chateau while using the Black Writ of Challenge and the Gold Writ of Invitation. If you arent a Grand Duke yet, just use the Red Writ of Challenge. The Black Writ increases the level of the pokemon each trainer uses by 20, while the Red Writ increases by 10.

Now when you become a Marquis, Gym Leaders will randomly show up at the place. They normally use Pokemon of level 50, but with the Red/Black Writs, they will use Pokemon of level 60/70 respectively.
When you reach Duke, Elite Four members will randomly show up too. They normally use level 55 pokemon, so its 65/75 with the Writs.
Grand Duke will make the Champion randomly appear as well. She uses level 60 pokemon and 70/80 with the Writs.

This is also an amazing place to make money. The Writs do cost a lot, especially the Black Writ ($300k). But if you battle enough people with the Gold Writ and Amulet Coin, you will make it all back plus much more. To give you an example, The Champion gives me $67k each time I beat her. I use an Amulet Coin and the Gold Writ. She alone almost pays for the whole price of a Gold Writ.[/quote]

Should test things out before blatantly brushing other people's comments off.
Rude much.

there is a limit to the amount of trainers appearing in one trip.
As in, they gotta wait quite a while to even refill the whole battle maison with new set of active trainers.
Wasting time walking around the place looking for an active one and that waiting time for announcements just eats o-powers seconds

Like the above poster said, o-powers+restaurants.
The fact that a three minute power expires after 1-2 battles in maison is wasteful considering how much they consume
O-powers in restaurants lasts all 5 battles = regening about 1-2 orbs after a full course.
The player can dine infinitely without having to wait for new trainers to appear.
Top it off each meal heals the party so there is never a need to go to the pokemon center for pp.
Plus in these double/triple battles, knocking out all trainers in one go is faster than waiting for a switch in.

fyi, going off topic about money doesn't help increase exp gain, honestly higher level trainers take longer to kill off considering hp/resistance/ivs of different trainers.
Simple math and logical reasoning.

Reply November 5, 2013

if you want fast exp, go to restaurant le wow and do triple battles. use exp o-power + lucky eggs and have one OP pokemon in the middle that can hit all the opponent's pokemon. i can get a pokemon to lvl50 in one run from lvl1.

Reply November 4, 2013

I just stuck to greninja.
Max it's SpAtk EVs and have Ice beam+surf for most of the battles.
Against the water E4, i just spammed surf/hydro pump all day. Not a single water absorb pokemon : big sham of a lineup.
1 hit if lucky, 2 pretty much all the time.

For the champion just send out mewtwo whenever that fool send out her Mega Gardevoir.
Slap her with a shadow ball and make her feel stupid for wasting 5 sec of your life on her megavolution.

But if you really want to farm exp, try the 3-star restaurant.
Same lvls as the E4, just that you have to do doubles.
Level 70 attakers with max EVs in atk/spatk makes it easy.
Less movement, continuous and you make about 120k every time you finish the full course (from mushrooms, the battle money covers the entree fees).
So hook a luck incense/amulet with your main and leech the second attker one with lucky egg.

p.s Avoid that sushi place.
500k fee, and roughly 200k back.

Reply November 4, 2013

my mewtwo is op, xD lv 100 with 407 sp. att and i sweep E4 with only mewtwo

Reply November 4, 2013

The champ was a pushover

Reply November 4, 2013

I owned the champion with my azumarill. Ice beam, surf, aqua ring, and rough play. fairy/water type and immune to dragons. Aqua Ring (hp healing move over time) + leftovers + high base HP = tank

Reply November 4, 2013

[quote=GeminiBladeZX]Mewtwo with Thunderbolt, Ice beam, and Flamethrower, and Psychic/Psystrike is enough for me to sweep the entire E4+The champion but you said no Mewtwo.

May I ask why you don't want to use him?[/quote]

I can use Mewtwo and Mega Mewtwo Y, I don't have access to Mega Mewtwo X since I don't have the stone.
But thanks! I haven't touched Mewtwo ever since catching it!

Sucks that it doesn't learn any water moves (like surf)!
I will teach it Earthquake in stead of the Psychic moves! I will just Thunderbolt the Talonflame.

The only Pokemon that Mewtwo might 2 hit will be Mega Gardevoir, other than that I think this is the Pokemon!

Reply November 4, 2013

Mewtwo with Thunderbolt, Ice beam, and Flamethrower, and Psychic/Psystrike is enough for me to sweep the entire E4+The champion but you said no Mewtwo.

May I ask why you don't want to use him?

Reply November 4, 2013