done with LoL this worth again?

finally raged quit League of Legends and its cancer ranked scene.. so I went on maple site and seen its some sort of new update is it worth coming back to? and what class will help me get through the game without much funds

August 9, 2015

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[quote=billakid]i thought f/p was borin is it gud ?[/quote]

depends what ur looking for, but they hit cap damage at 500k range.

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i thought f/p was borin is it gud ?

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Maple got a form of League of Legends as well but obviously 2D and fewer characters to play with. it is "unfair" because if you have lag, all your attacks are delayed by .2-.5secs and hurts so much...

OFC, if you are just playing the actual game and not the mini-games of MS, then it is not that bad compared to 1 year ago. much more "play2win" although it is very limited and takes a lot of time to climb the ladder to top.

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LOL why r we talking about league?
honestly the new update is basically the same
but how would i know? im just a nub that always gets bashed on this terrible game
(unlike maple. )

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Define "get through the game." If you expect endgame bosses without much funding, expect to spend a lot of rl money or to fund for a long time.
As for the best unfunded classes, I suggest:
2)Demon Avenger
3)Fire poison
5)Hero/Dark knight

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thats why u dont play ranked and troll around in norms with friends

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I'm playing both right now. More so maple than league. League got repetitive, so I'm doing like 1-3 games a day. Maple is repetitive too, but at least I get to h0e around.

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If you think LoL's community is bad than this community won't be much better. Literally dead and no one will talk to you unless you are guildies or know them through some kind of method.

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git gud lol

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Just make good use of events if you do come back to ms. And if you have old collectables get a feel of their price then try to sell them for bank (or save it for the memories)

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It's a lot harder to climb on maple tbh, i've been playing FOTM classes and I'm still only silver II

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