Sharp Eyes - Guardbreak worth it?

I know it's a free ignore def, but it's only 5%, so would my only point right now go to the extra line on pierce instead? i'm only 163 currently

December 27, 2014

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Unless you're doing high end bosses that 5% is nothing. I use the crit buff since I like having 100% crit and nothing survives more than 1-2 pierces anyway. I would heavily suggest the +1 line unless the enemies you fight die in 1 hit. HOWEVER! If your main source of leveling is DI get the +2 targets hit/wait for it instead.

Reply December 29, 2014

5% isn't enough to drop another passive for

Reply December 28, 2014

If you really want that pdr then go for it. But otherwise first comment is right.

Reply December 27, 2014

Go for the Pierce line, it will benefit you way more, especially since you still have to level.

Reply December 27, 2014